Skidding Into Heaven

Defying Death, Divorce, and Disease with Unwavering Faith

Through deeply personal trials—facing mortality, enduring divorce, and battling illness—the author, Suzanne Murray, unveils a testament to unwavering faith and unyielding determination. This narrative of resilience, woven with introspection and conviction, offers a beacon of hope, inviting readers on a transformative journey toward healing and the unbreakable strength within us all.



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Skidding Into Heaven by Suzanne   Murray

Skidding Into Heaven

by Suzanne Murray

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Of the things in this world that can kill you, Suzanne Murray has survived more than her fair share.

We never know why our lives twist in the direction they do. Between death, divorce, and disease, business owner and mother Suzanne Murray had reason to feel as if the odds were against her from the start. It’d be easy to fall into the trap of “Why me?” yet through her unshakable faith in God, Suzanne came up with her own unique brand of positivity and triumph over tragedy.

In Skidding into Heaven, experience Suzanne’s humorous and poignant God stories—stories that can only be explained by the miracle of God’s ever-loving presence guiding Suzanne’s path. From surviving a near–death experience in child birth, to the death of her business and life partner husband, to marrying a skilled con man and living with stage four cancer, Suzanne offers hope, wisdom, and a way to chuckle through unthinkable obstacles.


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    Meet The Author

    Suzanne Murray, a retired business owner and mother, has transformed her life’s adversities into lessons of strength and positivity. Suzanne’s journey from managing a thriving safety gear manufacturing company to overcoming personal challenges, such as cancer and loss, exemplifies her remarkable fortitude. Her life story serves as a beacon of hope for others facing similar trials.

    Suzanne’s expertise lies in her ability to stay positive amid life’s toughest moments. Her experiences with cancer, divorce, and the death of a loved one have not only tested her but also taught her the vital skill of maintaining a positive outlook. She firmly believes in the power of daily practice in cultivating this skill, emphasizing its role in personal well–being and in uplifting those around her. Through her journey, Suzanne aims to guide and inspire others to find strength and positivity in their own challenges.